Animated Avatar Gifs
Black cat avatar, earth avatar, wtf?!, radiation avatar, dog, palm tree, my avatar here, spider, skull, me!, amusing, geek avatar, skyline avatar.
Animated Gifs Gateway Page:
Arrow Gif Animations
Blue arrows, multicolored arrows, white glowing arrows, lightning arrows, green glowing arrows, arrow on fire, red left arrow, hand pointing arrow.
Button Icon Gifs
Back, close, disable, download, download now, form, go back, go, input, options, the button!
Christmas Gifs
Bells, snowman, glowing stars, snowflake, candle, teddy bear, spinning bell, glowing cross, happy holidays, merry christmas.
Congratulations Gifs
Pink congratulations, gold congratulations, blue wave congratulations, black and white "congrats" gif, multicolored congratulations, red spinning congratulations.
Crazy Gifs
Twisted, crazy white letters, crazy blue letters, insane red letters, physco gif, warning, you so crayza!
Educational Gifs
Computers, excellent work, great work, high achievers, history, recess, math, phys-ed, science, stay in school.
Email Animated Gifs
Black glowing email, fire email, gold email, green revolving email, multicolored email gif, pink email gif, scary email, lightning email.
Flower Gifs
Pink flower gif, fire flower gif, purple flower, purple and white fire flower, pink and blue bouncing flower gif, yellow red flower gif, white red flower gif.
Fire Animations
Burning city, burning earth, lightbulb, spider, spider web, male sign, female sign, sun, pitchfork, "fire", "burn", "hot!".
Funny Animated Gifs
Cute but evil, dain bramaged, do not fall down stairs, gone insane, why?, omfg!, head smashing keyboard, running with scissors, 3d homer simpson, dog drinking from toilet, 3D clown, "fun stuff"
Gifs For Black Backgrounds
Orange smiley face, blue sad face, asterix, copyright logo, green watch, male and female signs, red heart, 3 blue musical symbols, hand with pen, multi colored bi-plane, recycle sign, peace hand sign.
More Gifs For Black Backgrounds
Electric orb, quake symbol, yin-yang, gold sun, movie projector, moving chess pieces, colorful bookshelf, star wars, planets, bug lamp, walking pot leaf, blue lava lamp, metal ball toy, gold trophy, blue and red siren, pixar lamp.
Glitter Gif Animations
Blue star glitter, glitter sux, pink cat glitter, heart, palm tree, myspace glitter, pink martini, yin-yang glitter, glitter kiss, princess, glitter girl, welcome glitter.
Glowing Animated Gifs
8 ball, computer, headphones, earth, letter, star, skull and crossbones, question mark, sun, spider, bullhorn, windows logo.
Gifs For White Backgrounds
Exclamation point, purple blobs, yellow volkswagen beetle, evil monkey, lightbulb, blinking eye, robot dog, dancing stick figure, black porsche, book, spinning gears, alarm clock, surfing computer, t.v.
Happy Birthday Graphics
Happy birthday, it's your birthday, cake gif, present gifs, have a great birthday.
Lightning Gifs
Danger, keep out, electric, so hot, warning, thanks for visiting.
Myspace Graphics
about me, cool stuff, my friends, my girliespace, my music gif, this is myspace, this is my space lightning, pink welcome, "welcome to myspace" animation graphics.
Office And Business Gifs
Computer, ringing phone animation graphics, fax machine, floppy disk, cell phone, pager, newspaper, letter animation graphics, clip board, linked computers.
Spinning Gif Icons
Medal, car, fire, skull, money bag, lightning, eye, information, spider, money bag, ribbon.
Sports Gifs
Skiing, snowboarder, golf, swimming, bicycle, weightlifting.
Star Gifs
Star of David, red glowing star, yellow star, white star, purple star, white spinning star, white glowing star.
Smiley Gifs
Fire smiley, purple smiley, crazy smiley, 3d smiley, pink smiley, red glowing smiley.
Welcome to the animated gifs gateway page!  We now have over 35 pages of original gif animations for your web site design.  If you use any of these animations, please consider linking back to us, it would be appreciated.  These animations may not be used on any site where a membership or entrance fee is required to access them, and they cannot be used as a part of another animated gifs collection, free or paid.  Please do not hotlink to these animations unless provided with a code to do so.
*For flash animations that anyone can use, see the flash banner and flash intro pages.  See the index page for info on animation freeware programs, flash tutorials, and links for web design software (freeware full version software)!
Animated Gifs Pages (Listed Alphabetically):
Wedding Gifs
Bell wedding gifs, Star of David wedding gifs, Cross wedding gif, rsvp wedding gifs, congratulations wedding gifs, heart, letter, guestbook, "our wedding", pink flowers, blue flowers wedding gifs, "we're getting married".
Warning Symbol Gifs
Radiation, stop animation graphics, do not enter, no entry, emergency exit, no smoking, temperature animation graphics, red skull.
Vehicle Gifs
Ambulance, porsche, red mustange, beetle, bus, speed boat, glowing red bus, motorcycle, race car, airplane.
animation graphics
Flag Animated Gifs
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, UK (Great Britain), United States, Rally Flag.
Under Construction Animated Gifs
3D under construction, bright flashing lights, red and gray, spinning gears, person digging, spinning "construction".
Skull Animated Gifs
Fire, red spinning, blue spinning, purple abstract skull, "matrix" style skull, red spinning on white background.
Animal Animated Gifs
Chicken, butterfly, goldfish, dog, penguin, shark, tyrannasauras rex, alligator, goose, spider.
Computer Gifs
Angry computer, computer head, cowgirl computer, walking cd guy, desktops, laptop, surfing.
Earth Animated Gifs
Large earth, earth and moon, lava earth, mesh earth, hollow earth, small purple earth.
GuestBook Animated Gifs
White guestbook gif, burgundy spinning guestbook, guestbook gif pink glowing, guestbook lightning gif, black and white glowing guestbook gif, gold spinning guestbook gif, multicolored guestbook gif.
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