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animated gifs
Free Animations Gateway Page:
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We have all the free flash and gif animations you'll ever need to download for your web site design, graphic design, or graphic animation project!

There are different types of animation graphics on this site, most are animated gifs, but there are many flash banners and flash intros that have been designed so that anyone can use them in their web design. This is handy if you don't want to learn flash, or take those boring flash tutorials.  Below you will see how the main animation pages are laid out.  To return to this page at anytime, just click on the "Free Animations" menu button above.
Animated Gifs Gateway Page

This is the gateway page for over 36 pages of original gif animations. 
Enhanced Black And White Gifs

These are black and white photos with bold colors added, then animated.  You definitely won't find these anywhere else!  To visit this page, click here:

Black & White Photo Gifs
Flash Intros
A whole bunch of flash introduction animations that you can use on your website.

BIG Flash Intros
Just like the flash intros above, but BIGGER! 
Flash Banners
Dozens of flash banners that have been designed so anyone can use them!
animated gifs
Animated Gifs
Flash Animations
Enter The Animated Gifs Section
3D Animated Screensavers

Absolutely free screensavers with no spyware of any kind!
Abstract Art Flash Animations
Kaleidoscope Flash Animations
Date and Time Flash Animations
Interactive Flash Animations
Flash animations that interact with your visitors.
How To Add Flash To Your Website
A basic guide to adding flash animation to your website or web page.
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animated gifs
3D Animated Screensavers
animated gifs
Black & White Photo Gifs