EL3D appeals to individuals of different interests:
The hardcore flight simmer will be challenged by the LM flight dynamics. The LM is not the easiest craft to fly but with practice can be mastered in the same as any other aircraft or helicopter.

historian will want to see the original landing sights for the first time exactly as the astronauts did. The landing experience is enhanced with the actual sounds of the mission overlaid on the flight path. Multiple camera views and of course the ability to EVA (moonwalk) completes the experience.

Space simmers will love flying the LM both on final approach and in orbit. The orbital module shows a detailed moon moving under the CSM / LM in a 60mile orbit. Practicing translation and attitude control while operating close the CSM will give a real feel for the nuances of the LM reaction control system (RCS).
competitive PC gamer can see how high he/she can score on the LM racing course or mission landings.

And if you are like us - well maybe you are a bit of all!
3D Games: Eagle Lander:  Amazing Lunar Lander Simulator!
System Requirements for EL3D are:
1ghz computer with at least 256mb of memory.   
3D graphics card with at least 128mb of memory.   
Windows XP (preferred), Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000
When un-registered, EL3D  is absolutely free and includes the last few minutes of the flight of Apollo 11.   At anytime you can register ( for $24.95) and enjoy multiple missions, longer flight times, replay options and many other items not available to unregistered installations.

Download page: http://www.eaglelander3d.com/
EL3D is the first simulation to accurately depict the Apollo landings on the moon. There have been many 'arcade' style simulations with stick figures in two dimensions, but never has there been a real attempt at a proper 3D simulation.  This game is definitely for hardcore gamers, with a steep learning curve and relatively high system requirements.
Eagle Lander 3D Screenshot (Click for larger view)
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