Founded in 1979, Full Sail is home to more than 5000 students from all 50 U.S. states and 37 countries. They offer 7 Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science Degrees that span the field of entertainment media.  Students create vibrant and original 2D and 3D artwork, films, games, recordings, and more, as they build a portfolio of professional quality work to carry into a career.
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Full Sail College: Orlando, Florida
Full Sail College
Orlando, Florida
Courses Available:
Computer Animation
Digital Arts And Design
Game Development
Programs available at Full Sail College:

Computer Animation (Bachelor's Degree)

Full Sail's Computer Animation Degree Program features intense, real-world training, getting you ready to make your mark on the growing 3D animation industry. You'll learn how to bring your own creations to life in the same software package used for major motion pictures and top selling video games - Alias Maya.

Our professional instructors will take you in depth with the techniques that make your characters and environments come alive - from modeling and rigging to texturing and compositing. Whether you're dreaming of creating art for video games, or fantastic characters for an animated feature, we can help you turn your raw talent into a career in 3D computer animation.
Digital Arts & Design Degree

Much more than a design school or an art school, Full Sailís Digital Arts & Design Degree Program is carefully designed to be a complete digital education. Youíll be trained on a wide variety of industry standard software packages by professional instructors with experience in the field. And by the time you graduate and begin your career, youíll have created an interactive portfolio that will show employers all your talents.

Areas covered in this program: 3D animation, 3D arts, advanced computer graphics, art history, college mathematics, communications, design and art theory, designing computer graphics, developmental psychology, digital audio design, digital media assembly, digital publishing, digital video, english composition, flash fundamentals, game content creation, geometry, history of visual communications, interactive media design, motion graphics, portfolio creation, production management, web design.
Game Development Bachelor's Degree

Full Sail's Game Development Bachelor's Degree Program can get you on the road to a career developing, designing, and programming games for consoles and computers. Spend those 21 months here on Full Sail's campus, and you'll learn everything about the game development process from instructors with years of experience creating video games.
Areas covered in this program: 2D animation, 3D foundations, advanced game techniques, animation preproduction, animation production, art creation for games, art history, character animation, character design and creation, character rigging, college mathematics, communications, compositing and scene finishing, computer animation production, creative writing, demo real creation, english composition, ethics and psychology, physics, geometry, model creation, object perspective, production modeling, scripting basics, shadows and lighting, software technology, and visual effects.
Areas covered in this program: 3D content creation, advanced tools programming, artificial intelligence, asset production, behavioral science, calculus and trigonometry, communications, data structures, directx, engine development, ethics and psychology, game networking, game production, historical archetypes and mythology, linear algebra, machine architecture, media and society, opengl, optimization, programming, software architecture, structure of game production and design, windows programming.
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Full Sail is located in Orlando, Florida - one of the world's foremost tourist destinations. In addition to great weather, plentiful beaches, and the obvious attractions (did someone say Disney World and Universal Studios?), Orlando features a thriving entertainment community.
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