3D Animation - Video Games - NTL.09

Computer animation is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of IT, encompassing technical development and creativity. The expansion of the market and the applications of computer animation are predicted to have an explosive growth for many years to come. This is an exciting, fast-changing and rewarding area to be involved with.

The game industry is emerging with high energy in the Montreal area. Business is blossoming in part due to the recent launches of advanced game systems, including Sony's PlayStation 3, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii. To keep up with consumer demand, game makers are hiring.

This program prepares students with the skills and competencies needed in the video game animation industry. It includes storyboarding, character animation, modeling characters and scenes, texturing, special effects and lighting and an internship. 
Animation studies begin with a strong foundation in design, drawing, color, 3-D animation, and video game production. As they advance, students learn to develop a storyboard, create and animate 3-D models, and develop background layouts and special effects. Students learn to work in production environments and to market themselves and their skills. As part of their course work, all students develop a demo reel to show prospective employers.
Graphic Design for the Web NWE.1T

Digital multimedia tools have been around for a long time and in the past were used exclusively in the publishing, animation and digital multimedia CD-ROM production areas. With the advent of the Internet, multimedia tools on both Macintosh and IBM platforms have been used to liven up web pages. A new breed of graphic artist has been created – the person with creativity and artistic talent who is also interested in the computer as the medium.

The objective of this program is to provide an
integrated approach to Web site design by providing instruction in client-side Web site design techniques and Web site management procedures through converging theoretical concepts and practical applications.

Courses that develop this integrated approach to client-side Web site development include the study of the Internet and e-business concepts;
Hypertext Markup Languages and a scripting language such as JavaScript™; Web graphic packages such as PhotoShop®, Flash®, and Fireworks®; and Web authoring tool such as Dreamweaver®.

Graphic Design for Web Sites program aims to train individuals as Web Designers. The web designer works on the client-side and is involved with the graphical presentation (look-and-feel) of the Web site. Web designers are not expected to program or maintain a web site’s database; this is the work of a web developer. Rather, the web designer is mostly involved in the visual presentation of a site using multimedia tools. The designer is in charge of graphical layout, animation and the interactivity of a web site.
Computer Graphic Design:

Computer Graphic Design students learn design fundamentals, lettering and typography and graphic design. Students create color composites and renderings and are introduced to using computer applications and sophisticated software as design tools. Students use these tools to create high quality layouts and designs for print and web. Faculty members for this diploma program are experienced industry professionals who encourage the development of skills. As students advance in the program, they are guided by their instructors in developing portfolios to show prospective employers. What else does Herzing College have to offer? While studying at Herzing College, the student has free access to the Internet, the help and training from dedicated instructors, a free career development service and the attention of friendly staff.
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"Herzing College has been providing students with marketable skills since 1968. The objective of our diploma, certificate and professional certification programs is simple: to equip our graduates with marketable skills that they can utilize in obtaining financially and emotionally rewarding careers".

Herzing has over 40,000 graduates in technology, business, health care and design.  They have locations in the United States, but none offer the computer design courses outlined here.  Only the Toronto and Montreal Campuses offer these courses.
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