Want to go even further than spinning letters and logos? Then check out some of the 3D design training options out there. Computer animation, 3D Graphics, 3D Graphic Design, 3D Animation, many of these fields are booming and experiencing labor shortages. In a few short years, 3D animation has become a $40 billion industry. Jobs in movies and television are harder to get these days, mostly because of the huge amount of artists taking 3D animation courses.  But there are many other opportunities in this field including video games, manufacturing, architectural walkthroughs, medical visualizations, corporate presentations, advertising, interactive media and training. 

So is a career in 3D animation right for you? Here are some FAQ's about 3D animating:
Is A Career In 3D Animation Right For Me?
How much do animators earn?
Animator salaries vary according to industry demand and area of specialization.
In general, freelance animators with about 2-3 years of professional work experience earn about $500-750 per day.

Is 3D animation the right field for me?
If you have creative or artistic inclinations, then 3D animation may be a career choice for you.
3D animation could be applied as a medium for communication in virtually any industry. Whether you are pursuing a career in artchitecture, industrial design, medicine or law, learning 3D animation will be can be an asset for you your work..

Do I need to be an artist to be a 3D animator?
It depends on which specific are of animation you want to focus on. In some areas of specialization prior artistic skills are very imortantant, and in others they are not. The 3D animation software is so advanced today that it also provides you with tools and libraries of 3D models, textures, and animation files and with experience you can create stunning scenes and images.

Do I need to be a computer programmer?
3D animation programs are user-friendly applications that resemble design programs like Photoshop or Illustrator.
The applications use the familiar mouse/windows/icons interface-just click and create.

What software should I learn for 3D animation?
Currently, the three high-end 3D software packages in the industry are 3DS Max, Maya, and SoftImage. The programs are similar in their technical capabilities, and difference in final output stem from designer talent, not from the software.  Check out which 3d animation software should I use for more information.
Okay, Now What?

You can check out the animation schools and online schools page for information about art and animation training schools!  Or search for an animation school using the form above.
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