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Max The Mutt Animation School:  Toronto, Ontario
Max The Mutt Animation School is located in the heart of vibrant and multicultural Toronto, Ontario (If you've never been, we highly recommend that you visit). 

Your first year of the 3 year program is the spent on the Visual Arts Literacy Certificate, the remaining 2 years on your program of choice.  Here's some information about Max the Mutt programs from their website:
Visual Arts Literacy Certificate

The Visual Arts Literacy Certificate Program seeks to empower young artists by giving them a strong foundation in traditional representational skills. The curriculum includes extensive life drawing, perspective and structural drawing, design and composition, color theory and painting in both oil and gouache, as well as still life drawing, with an emphasis on rendering and 3D form. VAL is the first year of the three-year Classical and Computer Animation Basics Program and the Illustration for Sequential Arts: Comic Books and Graphic Novels.
Classical and Computer Animation

Max the Mutt™ Animation School offers a rigorous, in-depth curriculum based on Warner Bros. and Disney guidelines. In addition to a series of classical animation courses, the curriculum includes in-depth drawing classes, a year of cartooning, character design, a sequence of visual language, storytelling and storyboarding courses, background painting and background design. In year three, computer courses are introduced: digital background painting and Flash animation to broadcast standard are part of the curriculum.
Max the Mutt students graduate with a solid portfolio, demo reel, the skills to write a cover letter and resume, and the ability to conduct themselves professionally in a job interview. We have strong contacts in the animation community; our annual industry Open House is well attended by representatives from animation and gaming companies. Many employers contact us when they have job openings, and we regularly inform our graduates of job opportunities.

This is a three year diploma, the first year of which is our Visual Arts Literacy Program (VAL). For direct entry into year two, students may apply for advanced standing. To qualify for advanced standing, students must submit a portfolio demonstrating skills equivalent to our VAL year.
Max The Mutt Animation School
Campus Locations:
Toronto, Ontario
Art Related Courses Available:
Visual Arts, Classical Animation, 3D Computer Animation
3D Computer Animation And Production:

This program has been designed with input from major animation companies in the United States, Canada, Japan and Great Britain. It is open to students who have completed our three-year diploma program in Classical Animation Basics, and to any student who has completed an equivalent course of study elsewhere. This program is designed to give classically trained animation students production experience on a real 3D animated short film, which will be entered into international film competitions.

The program is divided into two parts. The first part familiarizes students with Maya basics, taught through classroom exercises, lectures and drills that help form good working habits in 3D production. The second part consists of a 3D group project directed and supervised by the director/instructor, as well as various members of the faculty.
Max the Mutt Animation School
952 Queen Street West, Suite 300
Toronto, ON. M6J 1G8
Phone: 416-703-6877,
Toll-free: 1-877-486-MUTT,
Fax: 416-703-3930
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