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As well as posing a character's body, Poser provides an enormous range of parameters to control every aspect of a figures physiognomy.  The models that come with with Poser are quite basic.  However, third-party developers (DAZ 3D, for example) sell a wide range of additional figures that can add realism and flexibility.  Any type of body style is available-from emaciated to obese, skinny to muscular, and individual limbs can be tweaked to suit your particular purpose.
The range of options where facial modeling is concerned seem endless. You can create facial features that are realistic, or completely alien in appearance by adjusting the dozens of controls that determine the position, size and shape of every facial element.  The "Michael 2" model from DAZ 3D, for example, includes 230 head controls (including 15 eye shapes, 8 eyebrow modifiers, and 12 teeth modifiers), and nearly 350 individual controls for adjusting the shape of the body.
Poser models can be viewed in a variety of ways-as wireframe models, blocky 3D models, or "skinned" models.  Realistic skin tones can be added during the final rendering process, using a combination of  texture, reflection, transparency, and bump maps.

Poser's animation abilities are one of its strengths.  A custom "walk designer" makes the figures walk in any way you choose, along a path that you draw.  Mouths can be posed to syncronize with recorded speech by dropping in various "mouth shapes" at relevent points.  When you add the occasional eye blink and animate the chest to simulate breathing, it is possible to create and animate very convincing character animations that you can output as finished movies.
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Poser & Poser Pro:
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Poser has changed ownership quite a bit over the years, and was purchased by SmithMicro Software in 2007.  Poser is available at $250, Poser Pro at $500. Perform a search using the term "Poser" here:
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