Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), founded in 1877 in Providence, RI, is a vibrant community of artists and designers that includes 2,200 students from around the world, approximately 350 faculty and curators, and 400 staff members. Each year more than 200 prominent artists, critics, authors and philosophers visit our historic College Hill campus.
Undergraduate: Film, Animation & Video

RISD F/A/V programs of study lead to the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts. The department counts directors Martha Coolidge ’68 and Gus Van Sant ’75 and animator Seth MacFarlane ’95, among its many prominent alumni. The popular Film/Animation/Video Festival held each spring features the work of upperclass F/A/V majors.
Undergraduate: Graphic Design

The Department of Graphic Design offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program, with the opportunity to pursue a fifth year of study leading to the Bachelor of Graphic Design degree. It also offers a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Undergraduate and graduate students may take credit-bearing courses at RISD’s Summer Institute for Graphic Design Studies (SIGDS).

Among the more than 1,800 nationally and internationally recognized alumni of the department are Eva Anderson ’89, Tobias Frere-Jones ’92, Michael McPherson ’79, Eric Pike ’83, Michael Rock ’84 and Tyler Smith ’66.
Graduate: Digital Media

Digital + Media, RISD’s newest graduate department, explores innovative approaches to digital media and cutting-edge contemporary theory and practice. Expanding on a media art focus, the vision of the department is to provide a diverse environment for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary exploration of digital media. The program includes a central curriculum and facilitates bridges to other existing departments at RISD, enabling individual inquiry, high-level collaboration and team-based media production. The program unfolds over a highly engaging two-year course of study.

Applicants should have one of the following: the equivalent of four years of digital media related study; an education in media arts; and/or a combined art/design education. In some cases media computer scientists, and media-oriented electrical engineers will be considered. Students, on entry into the program, should already be well versed in the creative use of multiple digital programs. Highly self-motivated work, the ability to research advanced technological issues independently, and to think creatively are all central to the successful completion of the program. Interest in team-based production is also essential.
Individual Art And Animation Related Courses

RISD offers many individual courses, including introduction to animation, character animation, introductory film and video, art and art history, drawing, painting, and photography.  See their website for more details.
Rhode Island School of Design
Two College Street
Providence, RI 02903-2784
e-mail: admissions@risd.edu
Website: http://www.risd.edu
Phone: 401 454-6100
rhode island art school logo
Rhode Island School Of Design: Providence, Rhode Island
With 16 undergraduate and 17 graduate majors, RISD offers a wealth of degree programs in art and design unmatched by other colleges and universities. Approximately 1,920 undergraduates and 370 graduate students enroll from across the United States and 44 other countries around the world. Additional credit-bearing courses are offered in summer, along with a six-week Pre-College program designed specifically for high school students.
Rhode Island School Of Design
Providence, Rhode Island
Courses Available:
Film, Video, Animation, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Drawing, Photography.
risd campus riverwalk
Above: The RISD Campus and River Walk.
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