Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada is world renowned for its traditional and 3D animation programs.  It is popular opinion in animation circles that having a Sheridan college degree in animation is akin to having a degree from Harvard for business.  Schools such as Sheridan, that focus on all around skills, do a much better job at training people for careers in 3d as opposed to "specialty" schools that pump students out every 2 months. Sheridan should be at or near the top of your list of prospective schools no matter where you live, but especially if you live and work in Canada.
The media regularly features the amazing advances in computer animation and special effects in film, commercials, television and video gaming. And Sheridan has garnered a reputation for its programming and for its graduates who have gone on to excel in this exciting industry.

Located in the Sheridan Centre for Animation and Emerging Technologies (SCAET), the Computer Animation department offers a comprehensive grouping of programs:
Computer Animation, Computer Animation - Digital Visual Effects and Computer Animation - Digital Character Animation
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

1430 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, Ontario
L6H 2L1
Phone: 1.905.815.4001
Fax: 1.905.815.4004
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Every year students from around the world choose Sheridan as their education destination. Reasons for selecting Sheridan are as individual and unique as each of our students. For some, itís the opportunity to access state-of-the-art facilities featuring the latest computers and technology. For others, itís the chance to gain a practical, career-driven education.

Every student that chooses Sheridan has one thing in common: the desire to experience and receive a quality, world-class education. Our wide array of diploma, degree and post-graduate programs prepare our students for outstanding careers through excellent classroom training and practical, hands-on skills development. Most faculty and staff have worked in the professions they teach, providing students with valuable, first-hand perspectives on their future careers.
About Sheridan:
About The Sheridan Animation Program:
Sheridan College
Campus Locations:
Oakville, Ontario
Art Related Courses Available:
Computer Animation, Digital Visual Effects, Digital Character Animation
Sheridan College: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Designed for visual arts graduates and professionals wanting to come back to school, the Computer Animation Program is an intensive, one-year program that puts equal emphasis on the art and craft of animation, and on the acquisition of the new technological knowledge sweeping the industry. It is an intensive year of study that covers everything from the physics and principles of animation to art and film direction to the latest in high-end 3-D software tools and techniques.

The class is often composed of classical animators, illustrators, fine artists, filmmakers, graphic designers, architects and industrial designers. With this varied and accomplished group of students, the sophisticated technological facilities and a program with its reputation of over 20 years of computer animation experience, it truly is an exciting place to study.
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