Vancouver Film School: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Vancouver Film School has an excellent short program, it actually has adjustable length if you want to take a year of character animation first before computer arts. The animation program at Vancouver Film School is quite intense, but highly recommended.  After only one year, you can come out industry ready with a great demo reel.  The staff, facilities and cirriculum are top notch, and the program seems to be filled year after year with highly motivated and creative individuals that have a lot to offer, as far as learning from each other. The Vancouver area is an exciting one with more new production and game companies emerging than in most of California!
Who We Are:
VFS is a post-secondary entertainment arts school. In just one intensive year at VFS you receive a comprehensive education balancing theoretical instruction and hands-on production. VFS is known as the studio that teaches.

Foundation Visual Art & Design

For art to be relevant it must express truth about our cultural environment. Artists need familiarity with complex creative experiences. Even more important is the desire to be transformed by your environment, and to help transform it by unlocking its vital potential.

Authentic art must grapple with the reality of a technologically saturated environment. Rather than preserve artificial distinctions between art and technology, our approach recognizes the potential for beauty in technology and opens the door for its tools to become a part of art.

This program combines traditional theories of arts education with training in modern visual media such as film, animation, and digital technologies, helping you grow as an artist by learning to examine every detail as a source of inspiration. Completion of the program is ideal preparation for entry to our one year production programs.

3D Animation & Visual Effects

The illusions created by 3D animators are technologically spectacular, but the spine of all animated production is the same as any traditional theatrical form: storytelling, suspension of disbelief, and convincing audiences that characters have always existed as authentic parts of reality.

The 3D Animation & Visual Effects program teaches the creative perspective that computer animation is an instrument for classical forms of storytelling. By combining theatrical and technological training you not only learn to make films, you learn to make your film. As a studio that teaches, VFS houses all the resources needed to produce professional-quality films. Every year our graduates receive awards, are invited to international festival screenings, and get jobs at top production studios.

Classical Animation

When encountering innovation artists are faced with a tension between transformation and endurance. This healthy tension allows new forms, new ideas, and new art to emerge. No matter the potency of today's technology the elements of animation remain constant. Animation is the fine art of telling a story through movement: knowing how to animate life where there is none.

Digital Character Animation

An advanced production program for experienced classical animators, Digital Character Animation combines cinematic storytelling skills, classical animation technique, and digital operating environments. By broadening your repertoire to include all of these skills you don't just learn to be an animator, you become a filmmaker.
Game Design

At VFS, you won't just learn one aspect of Game Design. In one year, our immersive Game Design program covers everything you'll need to join the industry, including theory, hands-on practice, and portfolio production. What you will learn from visual storytelling to game audio to level design to motion capture will prepare you to be an active part of any game development team. Working with other students and mentored by professional faculty, you'll take a game prototype from concept to completion.
About Vancouver Film School:
Courses Available At Vancouver Film School:
Vancouver Film
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#200 - 198 West Hastings Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 1H2
Tel/Fax (604) 685 5808
1 800 661 4101
Art Related Courses Available:
3D Animation, Visual Effects, Classical Animation, Digital Character Animation, Foundation Visual Art & Design, Game Design.
Why VFS?
At VFS you will receive a one-year education equal to four years at other schools. Whether you are making films, designing video games, or bringing animated characters to life, you will create a body of work to showcase your abilities and launch your career.

Where We Are:
Vancouvers entertainment culture is driven by robust industries for film, design, TV, animation, video games, and sound production. Nestled between mountains and ocean, Vancouver is beautiful, safe, and cosmopolitan. The ideal place to create.

Our Results:
Our alumni work for leading companies worldwide, win awards for their projects, and have their films screened at international film festivals. VFS, like the entertainment industry, values the ability to produce quality results above all else.
Beautiful Vancouver, BC.
Every animated film produced today is actually a hybrid of classical and computer-generated animation methods. The more proficient you are with the foundations of animation, the more skillful will be your use of modern digital technology. By learning the cornerstones of animation technique - drawing, storyboarding, layout, background and character design - you will gain a thorough understanding of physical motion, weight and balance, and the different properties of texture and form.
Incorporating strong components of cinematography, story development, 3D skills, and acting fundamentals, you graduate with a polished film which you can enter into festivals, as well as a demo reel that demonstrates your professional skills. Having this combination of classical and digital animation experience is a profound advantage in an industry where multi-disciplinary talent is at a premium.
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