Red evokes feelings of intensity and excitement (often sexy).  It has been proven that when you see red, your pulse rate and blood pressure actually rise slightly!  "Fire Engine Red" seems to have the greatest effect.
Colors And Their Meanings, Color Wheel

Green is  very soothing, natural, and refreshing, and tends to go well with almost any other color.  This color has many variations but the most common are:
Bright Green And Mint Green: associated with nature, freshness and cleanliness.
Hunter Green: associated with prestige and money.
Emerald Green: associated with elegance.

Black is the most powerful, mysterious, and strong color.  It is often used on packaging for expensive consumer goods, and it has been proven that customers will pay more for a product in a black container.  Try not to overuse black on your website, though.
Be sure to use the correct combination of colors, and learn which complement each other before you begin to design your website. Colors can subconsciously convey a message or feeling to your visitors, and using the correct colors can keep your visitors focused and interested. Studies have shown they will also recall your content for a much longer period of time.  For these reasons, you will need more than just technical knowledge to build a great site, but graphic design skills as well.  If you lack design skills, you may want to consider hiring a professional if your budget allows it. Let's have a look at some popular colors used on the web, and the feelings that each color can evoke in your visitors (you can also use the color wheel provided at the bottom of this page to help decide which colors you want to go with):

Pink is a color used extensively in the cosmetics and toy industry. They promote feelings of happiness, romance, and spirited youth.  Lighter pinks, such as "bubble gum"  are youthful colors; use magenta or fuchsia for a more sophisticated look.

Orange is a friendly and energizing color, known as the hottest of all colors.  It is similar to red in that it arouses intense and exciting feelings.  Vivid orange is very popular on the web, and is used to great effectiveness at point-of-purchase displays.

Yellow is the "cheeriest" of all colors, creating feelings of warmth in your visitors.  Yellow is also extensively used at point of purchase displays, because the eye tends to gravitate to yellow before noticing any other colors.

The ultimate "earthy" color, brown is also considered stable, sheltering, and dependable, just like our own earth's nurturing traits.  Be sure to take great care in choosing a shade of brown.  The wrong shade could create more of a "dirty" color, as opposed to a "nurturing" feel. 

Blue is an "earthy" color that evokes feelings of relaxation and trust.  This is most likely due to the fact that the sky and ocean are blue, a fact that remains constant throughout our lives.  This trustworthy attribute may explain why many banks and commerce web sites use the color blue extensively.  Blue is also known as a cool color that gives a more "corporate" feeling to a website.

Purple is one of the most elegant, mysterious, and sexy colors. It has the calmness of blue and the sexual attributes of red.  Use it with creative, artistic, and/or cutting edge websites.  Of course, purple has been the choice of kings and queens for centuries, which accounts for its regal sophistication.

White is the very definition of simplicity, purity and cleanliness.  On the other hand, it can also give your site a boring and generic look if you don't have colorful graphics to complement it.
Complementary color:

Complementary colors
those that are placed directly opposite each other on the color wheel, for example "red-green" or "yellow-purple".  The opposing colors make for greater stability and contrast.

Analogous colors:

Generally, any three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel that go well together are known as analogous colors. For example, "blue" will go well with "blue-purple" and "blue-green".

Monochromatic colors:

can be all one color, or different shades, tones or tints of one color.
Use This Color Wheel To Choose Colors For Your Website:
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